Come sleep in my bed and kiss my neck/cheeks and when I start to cry because I am emotionally overwhelmed by how much I feel for you. Just whisper to me that you’ll fucking stay and if I cry even harder.. grab my shaking body, look me in the eyes, and say I’m all you need for all of forever, tell me you love me. Because you’re all I need forever. That night, let’s just get tangled up in each other our first night together. Let the alcohol on my lips pierce through your skin and permanently brand you mine; as your touch leaves burn marks of your fingerprints where you last touched my skin. Let me love you so passionately that you can feel the feelings I was so overwhelmed with consume your soul. Let your eyes roll back, moan my name as I moan yours back. Let’s just melt into one another as we both collapse from the pure adrenaline rush we just gave each other. Let me imprint on you, but let yourself fall into me. Let our love collide and make up the sky to our universe. I want you to be so captivated by the sky above us that I can see the stars in your eyes. I want you to find what we created to be pure beauty, but I want you to notice that I’m too busy looking at you because you’re the real beauty. From the little freckles on your nose, over to the one on your left ear, then all the way down to your matching freckles on your chest, stretching all the way down to your scars on your knees. I am ready to take this journey with you. I am scared, but with you I get a little braver each time. So take your pretty, cold little hand and put it in mine. What do you say?
Ethan Chamblee (via mr-outspoken)

1. love is not supposed to be shallow breaths and spit that tastes like tears or blood dripping from your knees or throwing up in the shower but sometimes it is.

2. you can’t swallow the hollow words of the boy from down the street and want to kill yourself any less so stop emptying people out.

3. you don’t die when someone tears into your heart and that’s the worst part of it all.

4. looks can kill. when he smiles at you like he doesn’t remember what it’s like to kiss you all the pain you thought you’d bled out 3 months before will come rushing back and tangle around you till you scream.

5. the hands that used to wrap around you while you slept can be the same hands that snap your bones in half.

5 things i learned when you left  (via extrasad)